Saturday, December 29, 2007

Found: New Neighborhood Restaurant

Dominguez Restaurant
Address: 3313 E 50th St, Minneapolis, MN 55417
Phone:(612) 729-2353

Great Mexican restaurant! I stopped by here with a few friends on Thursday night. After I nearly backed into the restaurant, I wedged my car into spot and jumped out ready for some beers and chips! I walked into a tiny restaurant, with only 3 high top tables to the right and about 12 tables to the left. One cobalt blue tiled table was left, just for us!

The chips: great, nice and thick. The salsa: nice and smooth, no chunks! (I don't like chunks) it was a little spicy for me though. The dinner prices were all about $10 for an entree. However, you can order from the lunch menu, if you add a dollar to the price. So instead of paying $9.75 for 1 chimichanga, I paid $7.75 for 1 chimichanga and 1 enchilada. And it was fantastic!! The queso poured over the entire thing was delish!

The restaurant was packed the entire time we were there. Full of locals and an enormous amount of kids. It was a fun night, full of good food and good conversation! I highly recommend this place, I will be going back.

~posted by Ann

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